Quote: “My very friend, hath got this mortal hurt in my behalf; my reputation stain’d with tybalt slanders” Quote 1: Fire-ey”d fury be my conduct now! now, tybalt take the villain back again

Benvolio explains that he is merely trying to keep the peace, but Tybalt professes a hatred for peace as strong as his hatred for Montagues, and attacks. The brawl spreads. A group of citizens bearing clubs attempts to restore the peace by beating down the combatants. Montague and Capulet enter, and only their wives prevent […]

“I got the power” quote  song

It’s means like the person feels powerful and unstoppable

And it also means in a bad way because it old be a bad guy a person who’s using the power to his own advantages

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If the witches weren’t in the play macbeth fate would have change and no one would have died.The witches spoke to macbeth and saidthat he would become king(he never said How he become)and no man by a woman womb we not kill you

In the first few scence macbeth was good normal but while time past macbeth has turn evil because of the witches.Lady macbeth said to macbeth”you are a weak man you don’t have the strength to kill a anyone not even the king

Shakespeare created tension bye Duncan dying and macbeth becoming king and around the end macbeth and Macduff where fighting each other.Macduff”I have no words;my voice is in my sword”I think this means that what ever Macduff says macbeth he feels like every word he says is a dagger put inside of him and been and repeat it everytime.

Macbeth was so interesting to become king and so he can have more power





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What would happen if the witches didn’t exist? If the witches wasn’t involve in the play macbeth would have not thought of killing King Duncan and he wouldn’t becomed king Shakespeare played with fate

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